CUMA GEAR – Firesteel – The Bushman 126,5 mm


A decent fire steel is essential to make a campfire in the outdoors. The Bushman is way more than just decent. With this huge fire steel by CUMA GEAR, you can make loads of sparks by each stroke and by that optimizing your success rate for making a fire quickly. The length of the paracord between the striker and the fire steel makes it easy to handle by most hand sizes.

Be sure to use the side of the striker and not the rounded end piece. This way you will have a much better time getting your fire up and running.

Also, there is a build-in ruler in the striker.

REMEMBER that all fire steels have been applied a coating to make them safe to handle during production and transport. You will need to scrape off this coating before use. Before initial use, you can benefit from using sandpaper to remove this outer coating. After you have used your fire steel several times you will experience it getting A LOT easier to make fire. This applies to every fire steel on the market.

If you use these pro tips you will be guaranteed success with your new CUMA GEAR fire steel.

More information on the CUMA GEAR – FIRE STEEL – THE BUSHMAN 126,5 MM

Size: 12,5 mm x 126,5 mm

Striker and fire steel are bundled together with paracord.

Weight: 50 g

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