Titanium Cookware and Cutlery

At the moment we are working on a wide assortment of titanium cookware and accessories for campfires.
Soon you will find different kinds of pot, pans, sporks and many other things here.

Foldable Hand Shovels

Small collapsible hand shovel, made in stainless steel. Ideal for any kind of situation. With this one you can dig out fire pits, toilets, hiding stuff and cleaning up after after a campfire by digging down the coals.

Wood Stoves

Small portable wood stoves for all kinds of purpose. Why carry a lot of liquid or solid fuel, when you can gather and cook with sticks and pine cones.


Our two models »The Busman« and »The Survivalist« are definitely firesteels in large scale.

CUMA GEAR Titanium Spork – KX1

CUMA GEAR – Hang Pot 750ml

CUMA GEAR Hand Shovel

CUMA GEAR Wood Gas Stove – WR8

CUMA GEAR – The Bushman

CUMA GEAR – The Survivalist

And that is just the beginning

CUMA GEAR wants to be your first choice when it comes to outdoor equipment.

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